A limited-edition series by Peter Jackson

London Nightscapes

London Nightscapes is a semi-abstract photographic series of some of London’s buildings and structures: from instantly recognisable, iconic buildings, to the small shops and cafes that are so often overlooked.  

Shot on crystal-clear 100MP digital medium format, the photographs highlight the ever-changing and fleeting nature of urban London life, and offer a somewhat surreal, dystopian presentation of the city. Created using a long exposure technique, the subjects remain clearly visible but the frame is shattered by light trails that lure the viewer into considering the next iteration of urban development, whatever that might be.

With over a decade’s experience in more traditional architectural photography, this series is a slight departure. As my vision for this project evolved, the final concept that you see today started to crystallise. At the heart of this series is the contrast between continuity and change. London is a city in constant motion, and the lights that set the city aglow after sunset serve only to highlight this movement. It feels like there is never-ending construction, with future icons of the capital’s skyline emerging every week.

About Peter

Since 2007, Peter has been commissioned by clients in over 35 countries to produce interior, architectural, lifestyle and travel photographs for their websites, brochures and advertising campaigns. He is one of the official photographers for the Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton and Accor groups. His work has taken him to an eclectic mix of destinations, including an old Rockefeller lodge in upstate New York, a tiger sanctuary in Rajasthan and a spa resort in the highlands of Armenia. Peter’s photographs have been published in Vogue Italia, Condé Nast Traveller and The Sunday Times Travel Magazine.

Peter is also an ambassador for Manfrotto and creator of Long Service: London, a portraiture series recently featured in The Observer Food Monthly and The Evening Standard’s ES Magazine.

His commercial work can be seen at

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